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See Change. Think Pain.

People living with dementia may experience physical pain for the same reasons as we all do. However, because of declining brain function and abilities, people living with dementia may be less able to communicate to their carers that they are in pain.

Can you even imagine?

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Course overview

The course features:

  • a 40-minute educational program
  • multi-device compatible

Estimated Duration

40 minutes

Target Audience

Suitable for RNs, ENs, AINs and professional care staff.

Learning outcomes

The goal of this program is:

  • to improve the ability to identify and assess pain in residents with dementia.
  • to understand the role of support staff and the family in pain management and
  • to recognise the value of an analgesic trial as part of a multi-modal pain management plan in non-verbal communicative residents suspected to be experiencing pain.